September 2017

Christians do not sin, ever. Nevereverever, never. At all. Ever.

I believe what St John say’d when he say’d, “The one who is born of God does not sin.” I mean, that’s what he say’d. “The one who has God’s seed in him will do no sin.” Who are we… Continue Reading →

The New Finley Translation, Romans

Chapters 1-3 Paul, slave of the Anointed One, Jesus; called “emissary” being set apart unto God’s blessed announcement which was previously proclaimed through his prophets in sacred writings concerning his son who was born out of David’s seed according to… Continue Reading →

Where to begin?

To begin reading the Bible, one cannot begin at the beginning; well, you may, but it is recommended that you know a little bit more before you do. From the beginning, the narrative assumes the reader is already familiar with… Continue Reading →

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