Chapters 1-3
Paul, slave of the Anointed One, Jesus; called “emissary” being set apart unto God’s blessed announcement which was previously proclaimed through his prophets in sacred writings concerning his son who was born out of David’s seed according to flesh, being declared God’s Son by power (accordingly by his Spirit of consecration) by standing up again out of the dead. Jesus the Anointed One, our Master, through whom we received favour and a commission unto faithful obedience by all the nations concerning his name; by whom you, yourselves, are also called by Jesus the Anointed One—To all who are in Rome: Beloved of God, called holy; favour and peace from God our Father and Master Jesus, Messiah.
First, indeed, I give thanks to my God through Jesus the Anointed One concerning all of you because your faith has been made known in the whole cosmos. For my witness is God (whom I serve with my spirit in the blessed announcement about his Son) as I make constant remembrance of you at all times with my prayers; I ask perhaps at last I might have the fortune (by God’s will) to come to you. For I have desired to see you in order that I might share a spiritual gift with you in order to strengthen you. And this is not only for you—a mutual encouragement in “one anothering” one another by your faith—but also for me.
Now, I do not want you to be ignorant, brothers, that often I have planned to come to you and have been hindered thus far; my reasons are that 1) I might obtain some harvest with you just as with the rest of the nations: to both Greeks and Barbarians; to wise and foolish I am a debtor. 2) Eager (according to me) just as much to proclaim the blessed announcement to you as to all in Rome because I am not ashamed of the blessed announcement because it is God’s very power unto salvation toward all who are believing—first to the Jew then the Greek. For by it God’s honour is unveiled from faith to faith just as it is written, “But the one vindicated, out of faith, will live.”
Now, God’s wrath from heaven is unveiled against all wickedness and unrighteousness of men who are suppressing the truth in unrighteousness. This “suppressing the truth in unrighteousness” means that what might be known about God is disclosed to them for to them God has disclosed it. For ever since world’s creation (those things created being distinctively understood) his “invisibles” are clearly perceived: his eternal power and nature unto their having no defense.

But despite this “knowing God” they neither honoured God nor gave thanks; rather, they became vain in their assessments and their stupid heart became darkened. Asserting their wisdom they are proven morons(!), even exchanging the honour of the incorruptible God for corruptible man’s image and likeness (also birds and animals and reptiles).
For this reason, God delivered them over to the lusts of their hearts unto impurity to pervert their bodies in these. These persons exchanged the truth of God for a lie and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator who is praised unto eternity, may it be so. Because of this, God delivered them unto passionate lusts of shame; for not only did the women exchange their natural purpose for that which is contrary to nature, but in the same way the men (abandoning the natural function concerning women ) burned in their lustful passion toward each other—men with men producing the shame of nakedness and the return which it ought—incurring in themselves their deception.
And just as they did not approve God to be “conscionable”, he delivered them over to a disqualified mind to do the “impropers” fully filling up every evilly-wicked, greedy evil; full of spite, murder, strife, treacherousity—just plain mean!—gossips! Speaking evilly of others! God-haters! Insolent! Arrogant! Arrogantly boasting! Scheming injury! Disobedient to parents! Dullards! Treasonous! Inhumans! Unmercifuls! These in particular—knowing full well God’s regulation (that those who practice such things are worthy of death), not only do these things but actually endorse those who practice [what they preach]!
For this reason, you are inexcusable, O Jew (anyone who judges!) for in that which you judge, you condemn yourself—for that which you practise, you judge! Or do you not know that God’s verdict is according to truth concerning the very things you are practising? Now, do you suppose, O Jew, judging the very things you practise and perform that you will escape the verdict of God? Or are you thinking nothing of his abundant mercy and tolerance and patience knowing that the kindness of God leads you into a change of mind? But according to your stubbornness and hardness of heart you are storing up for yourselves wrath for the day of wrath and revelation of the integrity of God who will reward each according to his works; to those, on the one hand, pursuing eternal life according to steadfastness of good works: glory and honour and immortality. While on the other hand, wrath and anger to those, who out of selfishness (even disobeying the truth) rather obey evil. Trouble and distress upon every man’s soul who pursues the bad, to the Jew first then Greek; glory and honour and peace to all who pursue the good, to the Jew first then the Greek for favouritism is not with God.
For whoever has sinned without law, without law he will perish; and whoever has sinned in law, through law he will be judged. For not the hearers of law are vindicated by God but those who do law will be declared “vindicated.” For when the nations (who do not have law) by nature do the things of the Law (those, not having law), are law for themselves. These demonstrate law’s written work in their hearts validating their conscience and thoughts (between themselves either condemning or defending) in a day when God judges the secret things of men according to my blessed announcement through Christ Jesus.
Now, if you call yourself “Jewish” and rest in law and boast in God and know the desire and demonstrate excellent things from the law, do you think yourself to be a guide to the blind—light to those in darkness? Corrector of foolish ones? Teacher of children? Possessing the content of knowledge and truth by the law?

Therefore, you who teach another, do you not teach yourself? You who preach, “Do not steal.” Do you steal? You who say, “Do not adulterise.” Do you “look at porn?” You who detest idols, do you rob temples? Whoever boasts by law, degrades God through his violation of the Law; So! because of you the name of God is slandered by the nations just as it is written.
Circumcision, on the one hand, indeed, profits if you practise law; but if you are a law breaker, your circumcision will become undone. Now, if the “undone” person guards the regulations, will not his “undoneness” logistically be “circumcision”? So, the one who is by nature “undone,” who fulfills the Law, he will judge you who are a transgressor of law through what is written and circumcision. For it is neither the one in “appearance” who is Jewish nor is it the one circumcised in the flesh in “appearance”, but the one who is inconspicuously Jewish and circumcised of heart by Spirit (not by what is written)—whose commendation is not from men but from God.
What then of the Jewish advantage or of what use is circumcision? Tremendous, in all aspects. First, they have been entrusted with God’s stories…So what? If some mistrust, does their disbelief invalidate God’s fidelity? That’ll never happen! May God be made truthful and all men liars, just as it is written, “That you might be vindicated by your words and victorious when you are judged.”

And if their unrighteousness demonstrates God’s righteousness, what does this say? Not, “God, ‘The Unjust,’ who metes out wrath!” (I speak as a man.) That will never happen! Otherwise, how will God judge the cosmos?
“So, if the truth of God by my falsehood increases his glory, why then am I still judged as guilty?” And is this not just what they slander and say about us, saying, “Let us do evil things so good things might come”? Their condemnation is just.

What then? Are we better off? Not by a long shot. For we have already established Jew and Greek alike to be under sin just as it is written, “There is no one upright, not one; there is no one who ‘gets it,’ there is no one who seeks God.” They are all corrupt: “gone to the left;” there is not so much as one who does what is right. Their throat has become a gaping tomb, their tongues, fraudulent; their lips, viperous venom. Their mouth curses and contains bitterness; their feet are swift to draw blood; in their path: destruction and misery. They know nothing of a way of peace. There is no fear of God before their eyes.

Now, we know that whatever the Law says, it asserts to those in the Law in order that every mouth might be shut and all the world become liable to God because no one is proved “right” out of “doing” law for by law infringement is made known. So now, independent of law, God’s integrity has been seen having been testified to by the Law and the prophets—God’s integrity through Christ Jesus’ fidelity for all who are believing. For there is no distinction: every single person has “shot wide” and has failed to respect God being made “right” undeservingly because of his favour through the deliverance by Jesus the Anointed whom God presented as placation by his blood through faith 1) as a demonstration of his integrity through the Passing-over of previous infringements in the patience of God and 2) toward the demonstration of his honour in the present time unto his being “integritous” and the one who makes “right” him by Jesus’ integrity.

Consequently, boasting is where? It is shut out. Through which law? Of “doing?” No way! But through integrity’s law. For we have already taken into account man to be made “right” by integrity apart from “doing” law. Is God of the Jews only? Not of the nations, too? Yes, of also the nations. God will make “right” the circumcised one out of allegiance and the “undone” one on the basis of allegiance. So, law is invalidated on the basis of allegiance? That will never happen! But we cause the law to stand.